Data centre management

A graphic representing the different buildings at Datum data centres

Effective data centre management helps to ensure that Datum clients can rely on our facility to operate efficiently and reliably in support of their business critical IT. In addition to thorough preventative maintenance right across the infrastructure, Datum monitors and manages the facility using an advanced Building Management System integrated with a sophisticated Data Centre Infrastructure Management system.

These systems provide a unified and intelligent platform across all aspects of equipment and infrastructure to give complete visibility and insight into the data centre environment.

The data is accessible in real-time through unique dashboards that provide detailed performance information and enable us to provide our clients with insightful reports on their equipment, power usage and effectiveness, temperature humidity and access.

Detailed and proactive reporting for enhanced datacentre service

Regular data centre service reviews are held with Datum clients to share the information gleaned from our management systems in order to provide complete visibility into the performance of their data centre and the security of their infrastructure.