Workplace recovery services

Open office space

If circumstances force you from your premises, access to office recovery suites will allow you to re-create both your office and IT environment within hours so your critical operations can be up and running, with minimum disruption to your staff, customers and communications. We make it our job to know about all the available office recovery suites - not just the ones we own ourselves. This means we will happily recommend the right one for you rather than push you toward the location that we prefer.

Recovery suites are designed to allow your back office, administration and key technical staff the option of working from an alternative location should access be denied to their normal place of work. Each suite position includes a desk, chair, pedestal, desktop PC and both voice and data communication technology, all at a very cost effective price. At each location there is also a server recovery suite, which can be used with or without the office positions. Here you can recreate your IT infrastructure using our hardware and internet access.

Office recovery suites

Datum can provide office recovery locations throughout the UK. These suites enable clients to access and relocate to a fully featured work area location if an incident or event means that your own office facilities are unavailable.

Each suite includes desks, phones, PC, printing and fax facilities, internet connectivity and access to supporting recovery solutions via our WAN infrastructure. Facilities include the use of a personal kitchenette, including stocked amenities as required.

Events that have led clients to invoke office recovery services include fire, flood, loss of utilities, evacuation of immediate area and travel disruption.

Access to this breadth of office recovery locations enable us to provide alternative work area recovery solutions across the whole of the UK, ensuring your nearest recovery centre is always less than 60 minutes away, in line with BCI recommended practice.

We can also arrange for emergency transport to be included within your service, to ensure that your staff can get to and from site with minimal disruption to their normal working day.