Data centre engineering services

A technician working on a rack inside Datum data centres

Data centre engineering services focus on two core areas: emergency response and scheduled engineering services. 

Downtime is not an option for our clients so our on-site engineers are available 24/7 to deal with issues and ensure that our clients can continue their business operations with the minimum of disruption should they encounter issues with their equipment. Our engineering and maintenance services are delivered in line with our commitment to rapid response times and swift issue resolution.

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Scheduled engineering

Our highly-trained team of engineering professionals is available to support you with scheduled services:

  • Remote hands engineering
  • Structured cable installation
  • Custom connectivity installation
  • Hardware procurement
  • Custom deployment
  • Systems configuration
  • Data centre services

Emergency response

Datum’s operations centre is geared up 24 hours a day with the sole aim of minimising disruption to your business by providing the quickest response.

Typical data centre engineering services requirements from our clients include:

  • Power cycling of equipment
  • Reporting status indications
  • Basic configuration changes
  • Scheduled data centre engineering services

Additional services

We also offer business-based services to support cloud storage requirements such as:

Additional support for your business is available through direct access to specialist providers within the Datum Connect ecosystem.