Data centre engineering services

Data centre engineering services focus on two core areas: emergency response and scheduled engineering services.

For emergency response, Datum’s operations centre is geared up 24 hours a day with the sole aim of minimising disruption to your business by providing the quickest response.

Typical data centre engineering services requirements from our clients include:

  • Power cycling of equipment
  • Reporting status indications
  • Basic configuration changes
  • Scheduled data centre engineering services

Discover more about our range of client-supporting services by booking your tour of our facility today or contact us if you want more information.

A technician working on a rack inside Datum data centres

Our highly-trained team of engineering professionals is available to support you with scheduled services:

  • Remote hands engineering
  • Scheduled engineering
  • Structured cable installation
  • Custom connectivity installation
  • Hardware procurement
  • Custom deployment
  • Systems configuration
  • Data centre services

We also offer more business based services to support cloud storage requirements such as:

  • Consultancy and auditing
  • On-facility managed office space for client infrastructure access
  • Connectivity services
  • Concierge Plus project management
  • Break-fix
  • Workplace recovery

Additional services

Additional support for your business is available through direct access to specialist providers within the Datum Connect ecosystem.