Connectivity and cloud services

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Datum connectivity services enable you to connect between your sites, to other connectivity hubs, to the internet and to public and private clouds.

Using a dedicated fibre network linking core sites around the UK, and working with best-of-breed suppliers such as BT, Virgin, Level3, Vodafone, SSE, Zayo and Interoute, Datum connectivity services provide resilient links at any bandwidth across the UK and to Europe and the USA.

Our highly resilient UK fibre network delivers robust connectivity using the latest Optical Transport Network (OTN) switching for the most demanding of requirements.

Options include fibre-optic services such as Dark Fibre and Optical Wavelengths, as well as traditional leased lines, MPLS and ethernet. Interface solutions such as IP Transit, Cross Connects and Global Connectivity are also available.

Datum connectivity services include: Dark Fibre, Dedicated Fibre, Wavelengths, IP Transit, MPLS, multi-serviced leased line, wireless, Office Connect, and Cloud Connect.

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Connectivity services

Datum Dark Fibre offers a layer one connection with the ability to completely control the network environment. Anything and everything that passes down the fibre is controlled by the operator, whose own network team light and manage the connection.

Datum Dedicated Fibre is a solution that provides the user with all the benefits of Dark Fibre, without needing a specialist networking team in place to manage it. Dedicated Fibre offers a layer one connection with the control you need, while outsourcing the management of that connection to technical experts.

Datum Wavelength enables you to lease a Wavelength in a managed fibre network giving you the security, capability, uncontested nature and speed of a single leased dark fibre, at a greatly reduced cost and infrastructure requirement.

Datum IP transit allows your traffic to take full advantage of our triple-node resilient Tier 1 carrier connections to access the public internet. Datum IP Transit service runs over Tier 1, IPv6 enabled, optical IP networks.


Datum Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a scalable network management solution. Data packets are assigned labels and find the quickest route at the time. This allows us to create efficient, private end-to-end circuits across our network for our clients.

Datum multi-service leased line is more than a connection to the internet. Datum can link you directly with Public Cloud services, backup facilities, co-location, or any of our on-net partners’ hosted services, such as virtual desktop or VOIP, all with guaranteed quality of service.

Datum Wireless WAN solutions avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, as a work-around for difficult to reach locations, or as a cost effective backup.

Datum Office Connect enables you to store your data and systems centrally in a local data centre, giving you the security of cloud backup combined with the peace of mind and serviceability of being able to touch it.

Datum Cloud Connect provides client connects to our network at any POP or on-net data centre.

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Cloud services

Datum has a growing ecosystem of service providers and carriers to support clients in pursuing their cloud strategies by offering direct connection to a community of private, hybrid and public cloud platforms and services.

  • Enables direct connection to carriers and internet exchanges
  • Carrier and cloud neutral connectivity to provide client choice and meet your business criteria
  • Facilitates network cost reduction and performance improvements by enabling you to choose the peering and cross connections that are right for your business
  • Managed IP transit connectivity service
  • WAN connectivity to other connectivity hubs


Direct connectivity to major public clouds such as AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

Datum’s Farnborough data centre is home to a diverse range of organisations who share a requirement for highly secure and resilient co-location to house and connect their business-critical IT infrastructure. Clients seeking cloud solutions can now derive additional benefit from secure, private connections to a hub of public clouds, which offer additional resilience and flexible bandwidth for predictable high performance for organisational cloud strategies.

Datum Cloud Connect supports clients whose businesses demand additional levels of performance and reliability when connecting to public clouds. The high throughput, low latency secure connections link into AWS EU West and Microsoft Azure North Europe regions, offering significant performance improvements over public Internet connections. Enterprise clients can access automated provisioning of cloud services from multiple providers whilst network and cloud service providers can both aggregate traffic and reduce time to market for new offerings.