Concierge services

Datum staff helping client

Migrating your IT infrastructure can be a stressful time. To enable our clients to have a smoother transition and an improved business outcome, Datum applies the Datum Concierge approach – providing guidance, advice and practical support from pre-contract to post-deployment.

The Datum concierge approach has been proven to make a real difference to our clients. It epitomises Datum's approach to client service with transparency and accountability delivered through:

  • Practical advice, support and guidance to inform deployment design and assist in the transition
  • Proactive service reporting and account management
  • Dedicated client service manager
  • Detailed reporting including BMS data for transparency
  • Advanced DCIM to centralise monitoring and management

Datum Concierge - service as standard


  • Review of initial requirements to provide advice (e.g. potential space savings based on capacity)
  • Engagement with any third party providers (e.g. specialist migration, cabling, connectivity)



  • Pre-deployment technical design review to advise on potential amendments that could deliver time and money savings (e.g. rack deployment and structured cabling)
  • Rack preparation – prepare and provision rack ready for deployment to include cabling, power, remote/local access and network connectivity
  • Organise and manage pass cards, access rights and visitor bookings
  • Temporary on-site storage facility


In-deployment practical support

  • Engineer with access to emergency stores and detailed knowledge of the facility on site during deployment to guide the transition (no matter what time of day) 
  • Verify cross connect and power work as planned
  • Liaise with third parties (e.g. specialist migration company)
  • On-site escort for temporary pass holders



  • Capacity, environmental and access reports with regular service reviews
  • Additional available and integrated elements provided by third parties including specialist migration, removals, connectivity provision and cable installation

Datum Concierge Plus

Our 'concierge plus' service offering takes this approach to the next level by providing a bespoke fully-managed transition service to include a dedicated account team and technical project manager to manage every element from concept through to deployment.

The Datum Concierge Plus service provides a more bespoke, fully-managed service for clients who are looking for additional support through discover, execute and support.

A dedicated account team and technical project manager is assigned to manage every element of your transition from concept through to deployment and on-going operational maintenance.


Feasibility study and auditing of existing asset suite

Lead workshops on IT roadmap and migration strategy:

  • Review opportunities for consolidation
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning


Physical design services, rack layout:

  • IT equipment layout
  • Rack power assessment and rack power design
  • Cable management design
  • CFD modelling

Create migration plan:

  • Programme activities
  • Stakeholder map
  • Agree ownership of tasks and deliverables


Lead workshops on LAN, SAN, WAN requirements with in-colo ICT design services

Service readiness:

  • Verify ICT and power infrastructure is in place prior to move
  • Implementation, as planned
  • Assistance with remote/local access and network connectivity


Support during deployment and transition - dedicated technical project manager and support team (no matter what time of day or night)

Total facility preparation

Logistics - secure packing, moving, tracked vehicles

Rack-ready - profiling, power, data

Management of all third-party suppliers

Access prepared

Dedicated, temporary on-site secure storage for the duration of your migration

Sundry stock of equipment available – power leads, cage nuts, labels, small tools


Full asset inventory completed – basic spreadsheet or live secure customer portal access

Capacity, environmental and access reports - feed into your regular service review meetings

Secure in-house warehousing facility with stock management reporting



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