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Impact of Covid-19

  • Limited or no access to offices or on-premise datacentres during lockdown
  • Critical IT staff off sick or isolating for extended periods of time
  • Third-party support engineers unable to access IT equipment due to social distancing
  • Project delays or cancellations caused by financial issues or reduced cash flow


What Datum delivered

  • Essential site access for clients, even during lockdown, and free remote hands engineering
  • Business as usual – Datum’s business operations continued uninterrupted
  • Flexible contracts and commercial assistance, including payment plans and payment holidays
  • First-class service management - over 400 service requests dealt with successfully during lockdown


How the pandemic may have changed the IT landscape

Remote staff icon

More staff working remotely

Connectivity icon

Smaller more streamlined offices

Connectivity icon

Growing importance of excellent connectivity

Technology icon

Increased reliance on technology

Budgets icon

Pressure on IT budgets

What our clients have said about our response to Covid-19

The Datum team has excelled at maintaining business as usual whilst ensuring full site safety as per the Government’s directives. As new clients, we’re greatly impressed and very reassured that Datum is the correct supplier/partner to host our ever-scaling IT requirements.

- Satellite Broadcast Company

Datum has been standing with us shoulder to shoulder for many years offering guidance, support and services, and we consider Datum to be a highly trusted partner. The team at Datum has been prepared and ready to assist during the current pandemic.

- International Legal Firm

Datum provided us with first-class communication prior to and during the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote hands services were offered free of charge and social distancing was observed when site access was essential. We see Datum as a long-term strategic partner and value their commercial flexibility.

- UK Managed Services Provider

Datum has been supporting our requests and proactively updating us about site status throughout the pandemic. We have had the same first-rate service from the management team and engineering, and security have been providing key updates on delivery, site access and protocols for visitors.

- Public Sector Datacentre Management Services

Want to future-proof your business-critical IT?

Datum's proven platform supports our clients' business-critical IT. To find out how we can help you future-proof your IT infrastructure and workloads, call us on 0333 202 3195 or email us at info@datum.co.uk.

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