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Datum is the perfect colocation partner for IT service providers of all specialities, including managed service providers, systems integrators, connectivity, cloud, ISVs and SaaS businesses.

The Datum model was based on experience gained from both sides of the data centre wall, as both provider and user, experience which showed the importance of supporting a robust facility with responsive service and operational transparency.

Our business is all about trust, confidence and peace of mind. Service providers need a data centre on which they can rely in order to effectively deliver their solution, support their clients and grow their business. Datum understands the importance of transparency and reliability so that service providers can trust at all times that their clients’ data is in safe hands.

Datum's colocation service - benefits for service providers and their clients

The high quality London-edge data centre with its enhanced service wrapper makes Datum the perfect colocation partner for service providers of all specialities, including managed service providers, systems integrators, connectivity, cloud, ISVs and SaaS businesses.

And Datum's connected ecosystem, Datum Connect, brings together service providers and enterprises in direct connectivity within FRN1, enabling cloud strategies for enterprises by offering direct connection to a community of private, hybrid and public cloud services – and facilitating partnerships across the SP community to build and deliver new offerings.

  • Scalability that allows you to flex your infrastructure in line with business demands
  • Carrier-neutral connectivity providing you with options to deliver the optimal mix of resilience and cost
  • Robust environment for cloud and managed hosting backed by our 100% availability SLA
  • Cost-savings from the purpose-built data centre, with fully 2N power infrastructure and environmentally efficient cooling
  • Increased efficiency though the environmentally intelligent cooling system, maintaining the correct environment for hardware whilst delivering a reduced carbon footprint and lower running costs, benefiting you and your clients
  • Enhanced multi-level government-grade security to protect client kit
  • Reliable and responsive on-site technical support through our remote hands service and a dedicated service manager to assure comprehensive client focus
  • Detailed insight into ongoing energy usage and operational status to share with your clients
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Three reasons why managed service providers put their faith in Datum

Service providers need a data centre on which they can rely to effectively deliver their solutions, support their clients and grow their businesses. Datum is the ideal platform for services providers wanting to help their clients on the journey towards hybrid solutions. Our reliable colocation was built to support providers to better deliver their services, allowing them to align their priorities with those of their clients for mutual trust and client satisfaction.

Datum originated in the service provider world, so we understand how IT service providers operate and what they need. We know they rely on attracting new clients (whilst retaining existing client relationships) and building a strong reputation based on trusted partner status. And we know that helping their clients to embrace and profit from new technologies is at the core of everything they do. That’s why our service provider clients appreciate our service-enhanced data centre and colocation as a strong foundation for their services - contract flexibility allows them to move workloads across cloud and legacy platforms without restrictive penalties, and we make it easy for IT service providers to retain comprehensive access controls over their clients’ infrastructure.

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