Case study

Technology company gets more than a data centre

The Client

A technology group specialising in software and services for the leisure travel sector. The client delivers solutions that are designed to give travel businesses an edge in the highly competitive and rapidly evolving travel market. Offering market leading platforms and services that combine industry expertise with the solid foundation of shared proven technology to suit a wide range of business models.

The challenge

As part of their corporate evolution, the client was reviewing the existing dual-site IT infrastructure and in conjunction with a move from their Fleet office, were seeking a flexible, secure colocation service that would provide future-proof reliability for their leading technology solutions. They not only had specific technical requirements, including power and rack capacity, but needed additional services, including connectivity.

The client had an existing partnership with leading data centre solutions provider, Keysource, who look after their primary data centre at their head office in Slough, which houses their managed services. As a trusted colocation partner of Keysource, Datum’s facility and services were put forward for the client to consider.

The client went through a rigorous selection process, initially narrowing six data centre options down to three, before settling on Datum as the optimal choice. This came down to the quality of our facilities, our first-class client services and our genuine interest in wanting to help them address their business data needs.

What happened

As with any new client, we have a specific on-boarding process that is led by a project manager who is responsible for liaising between the client and Datum Engineering, to ensure the client requirements are captured from the outset, so that there is a clear definition of the required set-up and delivery schedule.

The client had a few unique requirements which included the need for the installation of a cage populated with racks provided by Datum, along with a lift, move and install for a further two existing external racks.

In order to avoid any potential issues when it came to the installation, Datum’s engineering team visited the client’s site upfront to ensure that the existing racks would fit within the design and data centre requirements.  While the rack size was not a problem, the challenge lay in the existing cooling system which differed from Datum’s set up. To address this and ensure a good fit, Datum’s engineers custom-built rack chimneys to integrate the racks with Datum’s efficient adiabatic system.

A service-first approach

Once the client had selected Datum, other partners were brought in to support the client in achieving their ideal set up. Of these, server relocation experts, Sunspeed, managed the shift and lift of the client’s two racks into Datum. This was done seamlessly within one morning to fit the exacting schedule. The Sunspeed team arrived at the client’s site at 5am, and within a couple of hours the racks were at Datum, installed and running.

A further partner, Next Connex, assisted the client installation by providing the various connectivities required to meet the IT and business objectives. The Datum partner network brings value to the client through the recommendation and co-ordination of trusted partners, saving time and resources procuring such services themselves.

“One of the things that impressed us the most about Datum was that they were selling themselves as a service rather than just a data centre. In working with the Datum delivery team we’ve developed a collaborative relationship, enabling us to overcome challenges more easily. Datum go above and beyond what you normally get due to their service-first approach.”

– Client’s Infrastructure Consultant

Are you considering colocation for your IT systems?

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