All about Datum - what makes us stand out

A row of caged racks inside Datum data centres

Datum Datacentres launched in 2012 to provide a robust ultra-secure colocation service for business-critical IT. Tailored to meet the requirements of security-conscious enterprises and service providers, Datum's proven platform for digital transformation is delivered from our highly resilient data centre offering 2MW capacity in the existing hall with a further 2MW available now for a custom-build.

Datum is trusted by an impressive client list from private and public sectors, serving vertical markets from finance and insurance through IT security services and defence, and including companies from the FTSE 250 and Fortune 500.

Visitors to Datum notice the difference from the moment they arrive at the secure park reception. And it doesn't stop there. The combination of London-edge location, multi-level access controls, the quality of the data centre design, the use of leading edge technologies and the client-focused service management wrapper makes Datum's data centre colocation service stand out. To see the difference for yourself, book a tour of the Datum Farnborough data centre online or call 0333 202 3195.

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All data centres are not the same

This two-minute snapshot encapsulates why Datum is different and why it's the best fit for your business-critical IT.

We set ourselves apart in many ways. Our highly secure and resilient colocation data centre offers a 100% uptime SLA supported by a resilient infrastructure that exceeds Tier 3 specifications, and our environmentally-intelligent cooling provides a lower carbon footprint and better energy efficiency.

We work in close consultation with our clients to deliver colocation tailored to their current and future requirements. 

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The Datum story

By Dominic Phillips, MD, Datum Datacentres Ltd

As Managing Director of Datum, I am proud of the business model we have developed and the service we bring to our clients.

Datum originated in the Service Provider world as the sister company of a high end Managed Service Provider. That service-focused DNA has been carried through to Datum. Through our suite of services ranging from supporting our clients with their digital transformation projects, through to the Concierge approach to smooth the transition into our facility, and including our lifecycle management services to enhance the ongoing client experience, Datum are with our clients every step of the way.

We recognise that for Enterprises in particular, moving data centres is rarely something to look forward to but we have developed a service strategy that has turned that in to a positive experience. This combined with the engineering quality and efficiency of our facilities has resulted in a highly satisfied and referenceable client base of both Service Providers and Enterprises. Working with our partners we have developed a full range of services to support the colocation journey from initiation and transition to installation to expansion.

It is easy to turn first to the default scale colocation providers when looking to outsource, paying the premium they demand, but we don’t believe that provides real client value. For our first data centre, opened in January 2013 we chose to locate on the highly secure Cody Technology Park in Farnborough. Since then we have been joined by other data centre providers creating a regionalised cluster that is growing to rival traditional UK data centre clusters and has already attracted most of the major Carriers and Cloud connectivity providers.

Being just off the M3, just outside the M25 and within easy train access of London, it is no wonder that we are seeing Enterprises start to investigate viable options away from the densely populated and pricey historical colocation clusters.

Our strategic vision remains to be the leading operator of UK data centres delivering advanced performance efficiencies with superior resilience, security and service. Our focus will always be on making the moving of IT infrastructure out from under the stairs and into a fit-for-purpose quality colocation facility as painless and positive experience as possible.

Come and take a look or better still talk to one of our clients who have already been on the journey with us.

Two of Datum's staff walking through the data centre

Adding the concierge approach

From Datum's perspective, all data centres should offer clients complete transparency and peace of mind. For us that comes from offering a premium quality build, operational thoroughness and enterprise class service.

The Datum approach to service-enhanced colocation is exemplified by the guidance, advice and practical support provided through Datum concierge. This invaluable service has proved its worth to our clients several times over, assisting and enabling a smooth transition into the data centre from pre-contract, through deployment and beyond.

Moving your kit is never an appetising task, but with Datum's support and, if required, full  project management, Datum clients have been able to successfully transition large deployments from several in-house and third party data centres into the data centre at Farnborough.

Take a virtual tour

Video tour of Datum Datacentres from park gate to DC

Nothing beats a real site visit, but a look at this video will give you a taste of how we operate and the advantages of our secure park location.

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