Datum Connect - direct interconnectivity for Enterprises and Service Providers

Cloud-connected co-location

Moving to co-location is the logical way forward for many organisations to optimise hosting, securing and connecting their IT infrastructure – but every enterprise will require a different mix of traditional and cloud services to achieve its goals. In addition to carrier and cloud neutral connectivity, Datum provides two key services to support these needs: Datum Connect which offers an ecosystem of managed hosting and service providers and Datum Cloud Connect which delivers direct connectivity to major public clouds.

Introducing Datum Cloud Connect

Datum Cloud Connect is a new service delivering direct connectivity from our Farnborough data centre to major public clouds such as AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.

Datum Cloud ConnectDatum Cloud Connect enables Datum clients to avoid the potential drawbacks of connecting to the cloud through variable internet connections, benefiting instead from secure, private connections to a hub of public clouds. Organisational cloud strategies that require additional levels of performance and reliability can access high throughput, low latency secure connections into AWS EU West and Microsoft Azure North Europe regions offering significant performance improvements over public Internet connections.

Enterprise clients can access automated, provisioning of cloud services from multiple providers whilst network and cloud service providers can both aggregate traffic and reduce time to market for new offerings.

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Datum Connect ecosystem

The Datum Connect ecosystem of service providers, cloud hosting businesses and carriers can provide Datum clients with additional support and guidance to support their overall IT strategies through:

  • Access to Applications Hosting, IT Services, Cloud Platforms, Network Services, Content Management and more
  • Direct connection to deliver increased security, ability to scale and reduced costs
  • Proximity to other service providers offering a choice of partnering opportunities
  • Enablement for hybrid cloud strategies
  • Access to potential customers

Below is a small sample of the community of providers and partners located in Datum Connect:

Cloud colocation partners

How does it help?

Datum Connect connects Enterprises and Service Providers to enable each party to drive business growth:

    • Enterprise clients can find and quickly connect to the right partners to help develop the optimal mix of private and public cloud for their organisation
      Benefit: Speed the journey to increased agility and efficiency by securely connecting for hybrid computing
    • Service Providers can build partnerships with other specialist providers and network carriers to provide new integrated solutions
      Benefit: Grow revenue opportunities and partnerships

Datum Connect Log-In

Simply search and connect

Within Datum Connect, member Service Providers, Managed Hosting companies, ISVs, Systems Integrators, Connectivity Partners etc are searchable by specialism and capability. Client log-in required.

Cloud platforms

By bringing your infrastructure to our data centre, your organisation can ease the journey to cloud, directly and securely accessing a wide range of supporting services within the Datum Cloud Hub ecosystem of partners.

Public cloud service providers offer clients a popular way of adding an on-demand compute resource and benefiting from Public Cloud’s elastic capacity and pay-as-you-need model. However, connectivity is key and there is increasing recognition of the importance of connectivity for performance and security when dealing with the sheer volume of data. As a result, many of the leading providers of infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS) and software (SaaS) are offering enhanced connectivity options as an alternative to the public internet such as Amazon’s AWS Direct Connect service option

Datum Connect delivers connectivity to public and private cloud platforms — providing you with much greater choice and resilience than if you tried to draw down cloud to your own data centre.

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