Secure and flexible co-location and data centres services

Flexible and scaleable co-location

From single racks to dedicated suites and custom builds

We offer flexible options to our clients – always with a focus on maximising the energy efficiency of our facilities. Our colocation UK solutions scale from a single rack to building out an entire customised IT suite.


We specify chimney racks in a hot and cold aisle containment layout, and whilst we have our preferred rack suppliers, our clients can specify their own providing the racks are compatible with the Datum cooling solution. All of the expected security options are available, ranging from combination locks to active security including rack level, CCTV and multifactor authentication.


Clients with larger requirements are offered the option of a dedicated, caged environment. A tough metal shell with a range of additional security options from standard digital combination locks to full access control systems with multifactor authentication cages. Separate storage and build areas are provided to clients in order to keep these activities away from the data halls. Whilst on floor build and storage is common practice in legacy data centres, we prefer separation of core activities so that each is delivered in the most effective possible way.

Customised Suites

There is a logical step up from cages for large clients, where our suites can be custom designed from the ground up to accommodate specific requirements with customised  power, cooling and security requirements.

Colocation UK Business Services

We appreciate that colocation UK is not just about the data centre. Besides build, store and work areas, we also offer short-term desk accommodation and meeting rooms. In fact, our campus based locations offer additional facilities such as conference rooms, presentation theatres and on site catering.

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